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Mail art dump vol. 1:
rites of spring

What it is
A tiny little (3x4 inch) zine mailed to you made of:
photographic print front/back covers,
centrefold from nude portait series printed on handmade paper,
gut pages of floral scans of varing fidelity
inkjet printed on classic bright white recycled 20 lb bond paper,
and mystery text. 

These tiny little zines are a way to pull from my personal work and share with you. The centrefold prints have imperfections because of the delicacy of the paper fibre. They are not meant to withstand time, light and moisture, and should be considered artifacts of degradation in and of themselves—but if kept tucked away and not eaten by silverfish, who knows, they might last!

How it works
The tiny little zine you receive will be chosen by me at random, out of a total of ten available unique tiny little zines. 

The cost for this round is ten Canadian dollars, 
plus knowledge of your mailing address. 



A mail-back address is enclosed with your little zine, in case you want to art mail something in return. 

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