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You are in the cheap thrill club, where Monika Wiatrowska puts most of the things she works on, here, on the Internet. 

Monika Wiatrowska is based in Vancouver, Canada. She started out professionally as a graphic designer and eventually got into art/creative direction. Photography is her favourite outlet for imagining and journaling, and has been a constant practice since she was a teen. 

Much of her work is informed by her interest in pop culture, the collision of human and natural worlds, parsing sensory experience, and dreamlike moments found in ordinary places. 

Monika holds an MS in Strategic Design and Management from Parsons School of Design, and a BA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of British Columbia. 

For additional work examples, project and employment inquiries, or to simply say hey, get in touch!

Currently, Monika is 1) freelancing, 2) co-manager at Doris.

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